Choco Coo is more than just a dessert shop.

A sip of hot chocolate and a bite of soothing dessert, you‘ll find yourself in a state of ecstasy.

No matter whereyou‘re from,

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``…Nice decor and the cakes and drinks look super adorable…``

Sk_foodoholic (popular food blogger)

``Certainly, these desserts were a labour of love. Choco Coo Cafe is an ideal place to cozy up with a good cup of coffee with amazing latte art along with a delicious dessert. Amazing presentation of the desserts which were very delicious in taste.``


``Not only is everything photogenic but also highly addicting to eat!``

Pork Ninjas (popular food blogger)

``Great cafe and pastry cake shop in Coquitlam. It is worth to come visit and try their coffee, tea and cakes. The quality is excellent!``

Kit Yee

  • Chocolate
  • coffee
  • Dessert
  • Fruit/Iced Tea
  • TWG Tea


Choco Coo Birthday Cake

Cake Pre-order:
For whole cake ordering, please reserve a day (24hrs) before pick up; 6 inch cakes should be ordered at least 2 days before pick up. Otherwise $5 extra fee will be charged.

Please call us: 778-355-5888 for more information.

Wechat: chococoo-official

Strawberry Cake
$42/6 inch, $49/8 inch

Strawberry Premium (lots of strawberry)
Strawberry Cake + $10

Matcha Mousse (Square Shape)
$44/6 inch, $52/8 inch

Chocolate Mousse
$52/6 inch, $60/8 inch

Matcha Red Bean Chiffon
$46/6 inch, $52/8 inch

Red velvet Cake
$44/6 inch, $52/8 inch

London Fog Cake
$40/6 inch, $48/8 inch

Oreo Cheesecake
$52/8 inch

Matcha Napoleon
$52/6 inch, $60/8 inch

Blueberry Napoleon
$52/6 inch, $60/8 inch

Strawberry Napoleon
$52/6 inch, $60/8 inch

Fruit Tart (Not Available)
$55/11 inch

Cake Plate (8 pieces)
$55/8 inch


-Store Lougheed

Open daily from 12PM – 12AM
Drop by for a coffee or bite to eat.

C-501 North Road, Coquitlam

Phone:+1 778-355-5888

-Store Richmond

Open Mon-Fri 10AM-10PM Sat &Sun 12PM-12AM

135-7488 Lansdowne Road, Richmond

Phone:+1 604-285-6000
[email protected]

Wechat: chococoo-official

Ins: chococoo.live


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